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Drugs For Treating Aids May Prevent People From Catching Aids


In one of the most promising developments in more than 20 years, scientists claim that drugs used to control HIV/AIDS in patients may also be effective in preventing the disease in the first place.
The drugs in question are …

The Terminal Mind


Allow me to tell you something *startling* that you may not know about.Dr. Lance Moriarty, the Director of a medical clinic in Nairobi, Kenya (where 1 out of every 8people is infected with AIDS or HIV), reported that “Some …

Numbers in our Contemporary Life (part1)


From early childhood and throughout the schooling system, we learn the “3R’s”: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic – the science of numbers. (Nowadays, you need to add a fourth “R”– Graphing!). Later, we reach a certain level in our education …